ENYO Retail and Supply (ERS) was established in 2017 as a result of our unrelenting desire to expand our trademark professionalism in the downstream energy space thereby creating the most exciting fuel retail brand in the country. ENYO is affiliated with Folawiyo Energy, one of the leading players in Nigeria's oil and gas industry.

As a customer-focused, technology driven fuels retailing company, ENYO provides best-in-class retail experiences, leveraging complimentary brands and optimized return to investors.

Our primary focus is to integrate first level customer service experience with fuels retailing and renewable energy products in Africa. We are pioneering the technology revolution in the downstream to see what additional value can be created to support the massive industry.

Supported by established relationships with offices in Lagos and up to 5 other states, ENYO is well positioned to leverage domestic and international expertise in the development of the key tenets of the Nigerian fuels retailing industry. With dedicated core of highly experienced professionals, ENYO has proven capabilities

Leveraging on the excellence of our affiliates, we seek to create a value chain that is difficult to replicate in the Nigerian terrain.

We have successfully built a reputation of integrity with our clients and customers “ 1 liter is 1 liter” a common saying which echoes through our halls is an embodiment of the relationship of trust built through diligent and transparent service.

We are Retail